About Doyle

Well, obviously you can tell I like cooking. I grew up around home cooking. I remember picking fresh vegetables from my grandmother's garden and cooking large family dinners. My father is an equally good cook -- he cooked a meal from scratch almost every weekend. In fact, I never had a frozen dinner until college.

I studied computer science in college and now work as a computer programmer for a company in Wisconsin. In between being a professional nerd, I love to find excuses to cook. Admittedly, I have a sweet tooth and bake far more desserts then anything else. But hey, I'm worth it!

A few years later, I was lucky enough to meet Gwen.  My passion for cooking is matched only by her joy of eating!

If you find a recipe that you really like then please leave a comment.

And in my spare time, I do have some other hobbies, including: shooting guns, playing acoustic guitar, programming computers, playing video games, and reading books.

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  1. what happened to the amazing bourbon chicken recipe?? That was a winner!!!